What a GIRE consultant is able to do for your congregation

In the early days of the twenty-first century, a group of Unitarian Universalist religious educators looked at the changing landscape of lifespan religious education and discerned the need for intentional transitional leadership. Change happens quickly and often in congregations and many of these changes focus on the lifespan religious education program. This changes may center on religious education leadership transitions. It may also center on the fact that a congregation’s religious education mission and vision shift to meet a modern community’s needs. No matter the reason, interim religious educators work with congregations to guide them in understanding tehri religious education heritage, identity, future and connections.

Interim religious educators have been an official part of Unitarian Universalism since 2005 with more than 80 churches benefitting from their skills and presence. Yet, interim religious educators are often limited to the congregations that have the resources and desire to hire a part-time or full time interim for at least a year. We are now aware that there are many congregations that could benefit from a more short-termed and tailored approach. GIRE consultants are ready to fill this need. We are ready to work with you in creative ways to meet your lifelong learning goals.

*Are you a small congregation in a rural community with a desire to expand your religious education program?

*Are you a congregation hoping to re-invent your lifespan religious education program to benefit your congregation and community?

*Are you a congregation facing conflicts in all or part of your religious education program and you hope to address these conflicts in a loving and covenantal fashion?

*Is your congregation in the midst of a professional religious educator transition and you wish to navigate this transition in the most healthy way possible?

Then you may wish to explore hiring a GIRE consultant to work with you. We are excited to work with you as consultants, leaders, trainers and mentors who guide you through your unique transition. Consulting comes in small and large packages depending on your needs and resources. If you would like to explore some options, contact us for a conversation. GIRE is excited by the growing interest and dedication to lifelong religious education and are ready to work with you to make help your congregation reach its vision.

Michele Grove, DMin., MCRE

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