De Anna Hoyle

With a desire of building community with an emphasis on deepening relationship, De Anna shares guidance and resources through all aspects of transitional leadership within programs for lifespan faith formation. De Anna began her professional religious educator path in 2007 serving a small lay-led congregation. The last four years has been with a focus on interim leadership with varying-sized congregations experiencing transition. While working with congregations in crisis, it honed her skills in the deeper work of systems and based on an understanding of process theology, De Anna approaches her work through relationship, that each affects the all. Her work as a LREDA Good Officer, UUA Religious Education Credentialing mentor and trained facilitator of Our Whole Lives(OWL), De Anna has practiced and preached self-care, resilience, and covenantal relationships.

If the only prayer we say is thank you that would suffice.

Meister Eckhart

De Anna’s Specialties

  • Benefits of Interim Consultant or DRE
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Polarity Thinking
  • Envisioning the RE future
  • Hiring a DRE
  • Leaving well

De Anna’s Blog