Our Mission, Values, and Consulting Structure


To provide congregations with transformative, visionary ministry during times of transition.


To help congregations and their leaders implement their deeply-held values in the world; to nurture and engage these communities in strengthening their ministries, offer value-driven and inspirational wisdom, organizational development and planning with compassionate with insightful education.

How to Utilize GIRE Consultants and Coaches


GIRE consultants bring creative approaches that may be just what your congregation needs as they face current and upcoming changes. We are here for religious education, music, and congregational change work. We can also coach professionals and volunteers to be effective leaders. Each consultant brings their own unique personality and skills to their work. This diversity helps to ensure that you can create a relationship with a consultant or coach that best fits your and your congregation’s goals.


It is best to have an initial idea of the work you wish to accomplish. Then check out our consultants to see who is available. Reach out to one or more consultants for an initial conversation.

Our Fee Structure: Click here to access our fee structure for independent contractors. If you are interested in hiring a consultant as a consulting employee, contact the consultants which you would like to invite into the conversation.