Digging Deeper: Finding new voices to teach us about congregational systems

In my last blog, I outlined the historical and somewhat current application of family systems in the church setting. This application has served us well and has continued to center patriarchal white voices. Yet, there are so many others from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. These voices are emerging, shifting, and creative. Margaret Wheatly, an organization and leadership consultant, researcher and writer looks at organizational systems through the eyes of nature and science.  Her understanding of these systems brings a new lens to understanding how the people who make up congregations interact with… Read More

Actions Have Consequences

street signs

February 12, 2021By Deborah Weiner, GIRE Transitions Consultant “Actions have consequences,” my spouse would say to our children as they were growing up.  They were – as is the case with so may children and youth – focused on experimenting, gaining independence, and being ‘their own people.’ Sometimes the experiments worked.  Sometimes – not so much.  The stealing of a street sign one night was an example of an impulse that didn’t work out well…our daughter had to hear from us about why that was not a good idea, and was mortified… Read More