Support Brings Release

That phrase is one I heard many times from a friend and yoga instructor. In the body it relates to the muscles, ligaments, bones and even the mind. I have come to think of it as a holistic approach to the way I work.  While doing certain poses and with the support of props; such as rolled blankets, pillows and blocks, we can settle into our bodies in ways that are supporting for the body to release and relax bringing a deeper awareness of inner peace. I have felt this in my life when… Read More

In Search of Meaning

As humans, we feel a need to make meaning from our experiences. Because of this, I imagine ritual has been a part of human existence since the beginning of time. I am drawn to using ritual as a spiritual practice and creating a container for life’s moments, whether they be challenges, celebrations, or simply to mark a meaningful experience. As I began working with congregations in transition, I brought this practice into my work as an interim director of faith formation.  If this past year taught me anything, it is that life is… Read More