The Sense of Touch

person holding babys hand

Touch is the fourth sense among the twelve that Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education, developed and introduced about 100 years ago. The sense of touch is a lower sense, classified as physical, inner, or a sense of the will.  We are affected inwardly by touching outwardly.  This begins with birth and continues through our whole lives. We can help our children develop this sense with awareness of what they touch.  Providing a variety of experiences including temperature, texture, and location will strengthen this sense.  A strong sense of touch as a child will give way to… Read More

Polarity Awareness During Transition

By Amy Huntereece, PhD candidate, M. Ed., January 2021 Is your congregation in the midst of transition? Perhaps you are even experiencing transition on multiple levels.  Remodeling or building new facilities, ministerial leadership shifting to new energy, updating your religious education program, and careful scrutiny of the operating budget to make ends meet in the upcoming fiscal year all qualify as transitional work.  La Sonde Anastos (2017) encourages us to remember that we are “in a time of change, not a time of crisis” (p. 98). You may notice your response to… Read More