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  • The Sense of Taste (8/30/2021) - The sixth sense: TASTE August 30, 2021 by Amy Huntereece The sense of taste is the second of the middle senses, classified as the threshold between the inward and the outward senses of feeling.  Taste is another sense that is usually and widely accepted as a normal sense.  The middle senses are… ... Read More
  • The Sense of Sight (6/17/2021) - June 17, 2021 by Amy Huntereece The sense of sight is the third of the middle senses, classified as outward and senses of feeling.  These senses are helpful with interpreting the external world. Van Gelder says, “Your eyes are your most important sensory organ. They are the only organs located visibly on… ... Read More
  • The Sense of Smell (5/6/2021) - So far we have looked at the first four senses, the lower senses that are related to the will.  They all pertain specifically to one’s own body. This month we move outward and begin to explore senses that relate to the outside world.  These are the middle senses and are… ... Read More
  • The Sense of Touch (4/19/2021) - Touch is the fourth sense among the twelve that Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education, developed and introduced about 100 years ago. The sense of touch is a lower sense, classified as physical, inner, or a sense of the will.  We are affected inwardly by touching outwardly.  This begins with birth and continues… ... Read More
  • Support Brings Release (4/8/2021) - That phrase is one I heard many times from a friend and yoga instructor. In the body it relates to the muscles, ligaments, bones and even the mind. I have come to think of it as a holistic approach to the way I work.  While doing certain poses and with the… ... Read More